When I lived in Detroit, I liked to bike along the Dequindre Cut. It was an old railroad corridor that was cut 20 or 30 feet below street level back in the 1920's. The idea was to separate the tracks from the streets up above. Like everything else in Detroit, the Dequindre Cut was abandoned some time in the 1980's. Over the years, it turned into an accidental wildlife sanctuary, graffiti gallery, and garbage dump.

When I was prowling the Cut back in the early 2000's, I usually had the place to myself. That was the best thing about Detroit back then. You had the feeling that the city belonged to you, for better or for worse.

I made a map of the Dequindre Cut circa 2005. Since then, the city finally cleaned up the place and turned it into an "urban recreational path," which is what it was when I was hanging around down there, but probably not in the way the city had in mind.